A Rare Day Out

Of late, a day out to be social or have fun is a rarity for us all. So when we do get out it does feel like just a tiny bit of freedom. I would say normality but social distancing, masks, sanitisers and planning means it is not quite that! So it was a joy to see a friend in the pub on Saturday. We (My friend Gavin Whyman and Myself) arranged to meet at The Exchange in Leicester, where once we used to go quite often and have even used the basement there for photo shoots. It was mid afternoon and quiet when we arrived and so we settled in to have a couple of beers. I bought along my Polaroid Supercolor 635 hoping I might get a couple of pictures of this rare occasion...

The Polaroid Supercolour 635 was made between 1985 to 1989, Collection Appariels states: 'Its principal characteristic is the Lightmixer system (see the page of the 660 AF) which proportions the ambient light and that of the flash. It also has the system SPARR, which makes it possible to reload the flash in three seconds, as of the aperture of the camera (the flash is folded back in front of the lens in closed position).

The lens is one 14,6/109 mm. A cell reduces the risks of under or over-exposure to the flash.' As you will see from the pictures , the colour is pretty good and the flash does compensate and the shot through the window we were not sure this would come out but actually its probably the best picture here!

The last picture was taken by another group in the pub - they also took some pictures - don't worry fully socially distanced and sanitised! People do love a polaroid and even in this day and age of the mobile phone there is still a magic to these pictures that pop out and you can hold in your hand. Obviously both me and Gavin (particularly me look very silly. However I am grateful for the chance to look silly in a photo.

Looking forward to another day out soon hopefully before we get locked down again! At least I have captured the moment forever....


Sylvian Halgand, Collection Appareils (1999-2020) Polaroid Supercolor 635 [Online] Available from: https://www.collection-appareils.fr/x/html/camera-702-Polaroid_Supercolor%20635.html#:~:text=Supercolor%20635%20was%20launched%20in,and%20that%20of%20the%20flash. (Accessed 20/09/20)